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Spotflux for safer browsing

Spotflux for safer browsing
Spotflux is a program that offers a VPN service, which allows the user to navigate more securely when connected to public WiFi networks. All the data sent is encrypted so that they can not be seen by curious people, in case they are intercepted.

Another advantage of Spotflux is that it hides the user's IP through a proxy, granting greater protection against possible attacks, but in turn provides the possibility to navigate anonymously since the sites visited will not be able to detect the origin of the Connection because the IP is changed by another. The navigation may be a little slower but you have the advantage of encrypting all the data sent and also avoiding the misleading advertising load, and it prevents the registration of tracking cookies and other types of spyware while browsing.

For even more protection, it includes an antivirus tool that scans the system to discard any action by viruses or threats that may be affecting the integrity and security of the computer. The engine of this antivirus is based on the cloud, nurturing at all times of the most recent experiences experienced by other Internet users.

Spotflux servers are located in the United States, therefore the IPs that are obtained are from that country, and any service or site that restricts access to users from other countries will be accessible from other latitudes.

This utility is ideal for novice users because it does not require any configuration, and it reaches with a click to establish the connection, or to proceed to disconnect after the session ends.

Spotflux is available for free for both Windows and Mac, as well as for mobile platforms (Android, iOS).

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