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Share files with ShareIt

Share files with Share It

SHARE it is a program that allows you to transfer files between two mobile phones at high speed without using a USB cable or WiFi. It also allows you to do it between a mobile device and a computer.

The technology used by ShareIt allows sharing files between two cell phones, much faster than via Bluetooth, with the ability to transfer up to 20 MB per second, which allows sending several gigabytes in a few minutes.

Both the sender and receiver must have the application installed. In the case of the mobile devices versions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone are available, while to connect with a PC or laptop it will be necessary to download the software for Windows (XP / Vista / 7/8/10 ).

The method of connection between a laptop and a telephone is through a QR code provided by the program installed in Windows. That code should then be scanned with the app. Those who have installed WhatsApp on a PC will know how to do it since it is the same procedure.

The speed at which data can be shared, coupled with the need for an internet connection, WiFi, or cabling, means that videos and other types of heavy files can be conveniently and quickly shared between an iPhone and an Android Any other combination within the platforms mentioned). The product was reliable and stable at the time of use.

ShareIt offers other possibilities that can be very useful, for example, to control from a telephone a presentation of PowerPoint that is executed in a PC. It can also be used to pass applications to devices connected to a TV, such as Fire TV or Apple TV, among others.

This software is developed by Lenovo, who offers it free to install in equipment of any other brand.

Download ShareIt for Android (Android, iOS, WPhone)

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