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Recovering Nokia Phone Software

Recovering Nokia Phone Software
Windows Phone Recovery Tool is a program that allows you to recover the software from devices with Windows Phone operating system, such as Nokia Lumia, HTC One and other models. In turn there is another tool (Lumia Software Recovery Tool) capable of recovering previous models of Nokia (like those that use Symbian).

Nokia mobile phones with Windows Phone 7 and 8 can be restored to their original factory status when failures occur that cause the device to not start, either from a software update that is not well installed or for some other reason. After restoring the phone, you will be able to install the latest firmware or an earlier version.

It is important that the user periodically backs up the contents of the phone (contacts, calendar, SMS, call history, photos and other files) since in extreme cases, in which you have to resort to tools like these, you will lose all data. You can easily make backups from your phone and store them in the space provided by some service in the cloud, such as Microsoft's own SkyDrive.

In the case of previous Nokia models, it is possible to use Download Nokia PC Suite to perform content support directly on the PC. You must select Tools> Backup and follow the instructions below to back up everything you see fit.

The procedure to recover Nokia software (both the Lumia model and previous models from Nokia) or HTC One with Windows Phone requires to connect the cell phone to the PC through a USB cable, wait for the application to recognize the mobile and continue with The successive steps that the assistant will show.

Windows Phone Recovery Tool 1.2.4 and Nokia (Lumia) Software Recovery Tool 5.0.7, the latest versions, require a PC or laptop running Windows 7 or later. Both tools are free.

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