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Record transmissions from PC with oCam

Record transmissions from PC with oCam
OCam is a program that allows you to record live transmissions on the computer, either from a TV channel, a video, a webcam, a videoconference session (Skype or Facebook) or a live Periscope, Facebook Live or similar.

OCam offers to record video or image through the Screen Recording option, but also allows to record games (Game Recording option) or only audio (Audio Recording). When you start the application, a window is displayed with these 3 options mentioned and a set of configuration options for each one. It is very simple and easy to use, with the advantage of being free for personal use (includes advertising but does not add any watermark or any restriction with respect to the licensed version).

The video capture option offers the possibility of choosing the output codecs, by default MP4 (standard MPEG-4 ISO with AAC audio) but has the most commonly used options for either MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, FLV or VOB . In turn, it allows to select the audio codecs individually for the case that you only want to record sound. In both cases, the application captures, either the audio of the transmission, or the user's own audio through the microphone of the laptop or PC.

Before capturing video or image, you can select the size of the capture area, either manually or by choosing among some preset measures that are displayed by pressing the button Size of the bar. In the case of selecting the automatic mode ("Select Area" option), the application draws the area that it deems most convenient, for example by skirting an open window that is minimized.

To start recording what you see on the PC screen or to take a capture (image), the "Recording" button is available in the same toolbar. It is possible to pause the recording at any time and resume it later, which may be necessary when you are doing a video tutorial. To end the recording press the "Stop" button, which automatically generates the corresponding file, having a button ("Open") to access it.

OCam includes other functionalities, such as the possibility of adding a custom logo (watermark) to the video. It includes a set of various configuration and adjustment options, for example, to decide whether to display the mouse cursor during recording, to set a maximum time of activity, to define keyboard shortcuts to its functions (record, pause, stop), etc.

This capture software is a good free alternative to some products that require the purchase of a license to use. It is noteworthy that it is easy to use, it is in Spanish and it is quite efficient and powerful in terms of its performance. It supports up to 4GB files, which ensures that you can capture without time restrictions.

OCam 370.0 is the latest version available for Windows 10 and previous editions.

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