Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Real-time holograms: so eye-catching can be calls with the 5G

Real-time holograms: so eye-catching can be calls with the 5G

In the 5G race, telecommunications companies Verizon and KT (Korea Telecom) have offered after two years of work the first demonstration of one of the future uses of 5G connectivity between individuals: calls with holograms.

Live video is from another era, there are now real-time holograms
The leaders of Verizon and KT gathered in Korea to advance their collaboration in trying to lead the development of 5G connectivity were strengthened in the media thanks to a very striking example of the possibilities of the so-called 5G. The first that took place yesterday had the holograms as absolute protagonists.

The demonstration of this possible future use of 5G technology was carried out in Korea by two employees of KT and Verizon companies using the 28 GHz spectrum. Their meeting / talk, which today could have been developed under the videoconference format, was developed through two holograms that represented the interlocutors in real time and sought to record the possibilities of 5G at the level of bandwidth and traffic of data.

Holograph calls are some of the immersive services that KT is working on using today's technologies such as 360 degree video recording.

The development of 5G networks is still ongoing. Qualcomm has already introduced its first compatible modem capable of achieving a transfer speed of 5 Gbps and will soon see the first terminals that truly boast of this possibility. The market, according to analysts' forecasts, could exceed $ 100 billion by 2020.

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