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Program to view Netflix

Program to view Netflix

Users of Windows 10 have a program to watch Netflix on their PC, and thereby access the popular platform to watch TV series and movies via streaming over the Internet.

This application is free for those subscribers of the Netflix service, being an alternative to access through the web browser. If a subscription is not available, it is possible to request a free trial month.

You can access Netflix from a computer, a mobile phone, a smart TV or from an LED or LCD TV (not necessarily smart) with a Chromecast device, Amazon Fire TV, Roku 3 or Apple TV connected to your HDMI port. Can access a WiFi connection).

The advantage of this application is that, just like the clients for phones and for the other devices mentioned, it is possible to synchronize and retake any film or series in the place where it has been stopped, no matter since the medium was accessed, and See them at any time.

This program has a content gallery that can be conveniently navigated by using the touch screen or simply with the cursors, the PC mouse or the laptop mousepad. The content is categorized according to whether it is documentaries, films, series, etc., but also you can search and show suggestions according to the tastes of the user (based on their history).

If more than one user shares a Netflix account, it is possible to create a profile for each one, so the suggestions and history shown are going to be personal. It is possible to access the ratings that indicate the popularity of a content, generated by the rest of the community, and each user is able to establish the number of stars with which he punctuates each content.

The PC edition works only with Windows 10, 8.1 and 8, so users of Windows 7 and earlier editions can use the browser version that has been optimized and looks great.

On the official website of Netflix you can download mobile editions ( Android, iPhone, Windows 7), Blue-Ray, decoders, game consoles and the aforementioned multimedia players.

NOTE: Users in countries that do not have access to the Netflix service will be able to enter through a VPN proxy service, such as Hello.

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