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Program to study the Bible

Program to study the Bible

The Holy Bible in 3D is a program that allows reading and studying the Bible. It presents a novel interface that simulates a real book in 3D with a well-done page-flow effect, but what differentiates this application from any other e-book reader in which the Bible can be opened is the ease it offers to To look for certain passages, chapters or verses, as well as other tools that help in reading or studying the sacred scriptures.

This reader includes a searcher in which you can locate any text you enter, with the possibility of using filters that allow narrowing the search segments, for example, you can search for a text only within the New Testament or within a specific book.

The application has, in the left part of the screen, a menu in which any passage of the Old or New Testament can be selected, having 3 columns: Books, chapters and verses; So the user can quickly locate any Bible verse in just 3 clicks. You have the possibility to copy the text corresponding to the passage that is being displayed, or to add to the list of favorite quotations.

At the top of the screen there is a menu that groups browsing and customization functions. The navigation and passage of pages offered by this e-book is very simple, having arrows to advance the page or to move directly to the next chapter. There is an option to load appointments randomly.

The visual aspect customization options allow you to modify the font type and size , also allow you to highlight any text, either with another color, in bold or italic (it would be equivalent to underlining a real book). Finally, you can modify the page background, with a gallery that includes various designs and colors.

This virtual book is a great tool to support those who study the Bible, due to the features already mentioned: text highlighting, quick search and management of favorite quotes; But also has the possibility to add notes or comments associated with any of the appointments that have been remarked.

This edition corresponds to that of Reina Valera, but the author also offers the option to download a version that corresponds to the King James edition.

The Holy Bible in 3D 2.0 is the latest version of this software available in Spanish to install in Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10) that can be downloaded for free. It is important to install the executable right click on the .exe file and select the option " run as Administrator "

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