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Program to hide folders and videos

Program to hide folders and videos
Wise Folder Hider is a program that allows you to hide folders that can include files such as documents, videos or photos that, for a privacy theme, the user wants to protect in their computer so that they are not located and accessed by other people.

The user must define a password with which to access the folders to be hidden, otherwise you will not be able to open or view those contents, since the data is encrypted using a secure encryption algorithms.

For greater security, in case the user thinks it is convenient, it will be able to define a second password, which will strengthen the privacy of the sensitive files that are stored in the laptop or PC, fundamentally when there is greater possibility that these equipments are Accessed by third parties (whether known, intruders or hackers).

The operation is simple: after defining the access key, you will be able to select all those folders and files that you want to hide. In order to access any of the protected content, you can execute the application; therefore you do not need to check out one to one each folder . To hide them again, simply close the application. This mechanism speeds up and expedites the protection process.

Wise Folder Hider adds the protection option in the Windows context menu, so from the browser you can quickly add contents to the program.

Wise Folder Hider Free 3.31.139 is the latest Windows version of its free edition of this security software. Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10 (these last 3 for 32-bit and 64-bit architectures)

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