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PeaZip 6.3.1

PeaZip 6.3.1
PeaZip is a program to compress and decompress files, which supports most formats used for that purpose. It is known that many times it is necessary to compress files with the aim of occupying less space, in addition to the convenience of compressing an entire folder and saving it as a single file, which can also be password protected to not be accessed by others, And it can be encrypted so that it can not be opened.

PeaZip supports: 7Z, ZIP, RAR, PEA, TAR, ZIPX, BZ2, GZ, ARC, PAQ, PEA, QUAD, UPX, ARJ, CAB, CHM, ISO, JAR, EAR, WAR, DMG, HFS, NSIS, and plus; Including formats used in Windows, Linux, and MAC. Support current encryption standards, such as the AES256 used by Winzip or 7-Zip, among others.

It allows to separate a file into parts, which can then be joined by the same application to generate the original file ( split / join ).

Peazip works as a format converter; For example to move from ZIP to RAR or vice versa. While this operation could be done manually in 2 steps, this tool simplifies and optimizes that process, in addition to doing it faster.

The application can be integrated to the context menu of Windows, as well as to the desktop environments KDE or Gnome, in case of using PeaZip under Linux.

It supports "drag and drop", but efficiently and quickly because it does not use (as in the case of Windows) a temporary folder to copy the files.

It is an excellent software, which is also free and multiplatform; Being an alternative to other products like Winzip or Winrar that are not freeware products. It uses the open technology provided by 7-Zip.

PeaZip 6.3.1 is the latest version, updated in February 2017, of this compressor / decompressor program that can be downloaded for free . Works for all versions of Windows, including 64-bit versions; And also for various Linux distributions (both in executable and portable versions). It is translated into Spanish.

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