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PDT Development Environment for PHP

PDT Development Environment for PHP
PDT is an extension for the Eclipse development environment that allows you to use this powerful programming tool for the PHP language.

Eclipse is an excellent free IDE for Java that supports extensions that allow programming with other languages, such as PDT (PHP Development Tools), this tool developed by the company Zend (the creators of Zend Studio ), who offers this free alternative Open source to create web projects in PHP.

This environment includes a complete PHP editor that highlights the syntax of the language with different colors to facilitate writing and reading scripts. The editor is responsible for instantly validating the syntax of the code, highlighting in red where it finds errors, offering a set of possible solutions to correct those errors.

The editor provides code templates to easily insert blocks, for example, the body of a class, getters and setters methods, statements, loops, exceptions, connection and access to MySQL databases, and several other templates; And thereby save time while programming.

PHP is mainly used to create web projects, therefore it is necessary to use html code and Javascript scripts that are executed on the client side (in the web browser). The editor provided by the PDT plugin supports both html and javascript, highlighting the syntax and validating the entered code.

Like Java, PHP is an object-oriented language. One of the most commonly used tools has to do with the autocompletion offered by the Eclipse environment, in this case to quickly access the possible methods (functions) defined for a given class.

The PHP code can be run and debug (includes a debugging tool) locally for testing before uploading the .php files to the server.

Programming with this language can greatly simplify the work since there are wizards to create projects, in addition to the tools we mentioned earlier. Obviously it is necessary to have programming knowledge in PHP, but for novices as well as experts, having an environment almost as powerful as Zend Studio, but free, is an option highly recommended.

PDP 3.3.2 is the latest version of this framework available for Windows, Linux and Mac. It can be downloaded next to Eclipse, or you can add this extension in case you already have the development environment installed. To do this, the following procedure must be followed: from the menu -> Eclipse Help, select "Install New Software", then in the box (Add Repository) enter a name and URL: http: // download .eclipse.org / tools / pdt / updates / 3.3.2 /. Then the "PHP Development Tools" option will appear, which should be marked and then click the Next button to proceed with its installation.

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