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Opera 44 Browser

Opera 44 Browser

Opera is a web browser that has been improving on its latest versions in terms of agility, performance and security; Now launches its new version 44, renewed, with more functionalities, faster, more stable and more secure. The most notorious change is that from now on the browser code is based on Chromium (the engine used by Google Chrome) and on Blink.

It supports tabbed browsing (in this new version with the new Tab stacking, which allows you to create groups of tabs); Integrates in its interface a searcher to directly access from there to sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing, et cetera; Allows to save the sessions, ie: remember all the tabs and windows to be accessed again as they were in the last session; And has many more options.

Opera has improved and optimized what has to do with bookmarks and suggestions when opening a new tab, according to browsing history. That way when you start typing the name of the site you want to access, it presents the best possible option taking into account the number of previous accesses and the last visits.

It includes a revamped JavaScript engine that makes the browser faster. Improved support for HTML5. It has support for geolocation. It includes Opera Dragonfly, a debugging environment for web developers, to inspect DOM, CSS, network traffic and data stores.

Opera supports extensions (add-ons) which allow to add new functions to the browser. You can see a list of extensions available on the official site, and install them directly in the browser. Note that extensions and plugins can be disabled when they are not needed, in order to speed up navigation.

Until the version 12 was available a mail client (Opera Mail) integrated to the browser, but from the 15 edition it happens to be an external application, with more functions and much more efficient.

It has a spellchecker and IRC chat, among other tools. It also incorporates the possibility of automatic update every time you release a new version.

Version 36 achieves major enhancements to the rendering engine, now based on WebKit, which adds stability to browsing and faster content loading. It presents as a novelty a new function that allows to use the webcam of the computer to capture photos and send them automatically to the site or favorite social network.

Users who migrate from Opera 12 to version 15 (or later) will be able to maintain the previous configuration and will be able to preserve the bookmarks and other elements.

Opera 44 (44.0.2510.857) is the latest version (updated in March 2017), available in Spanish, and can be downloaded for free. Works for all versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10); And also for Mac OS X and Linux. This edition updates your engine to version 35.0.1883.0 of Chromium, and will begin to apply silent software updates.

Download Opera browser

Download Opera browser

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