Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Norway wants to rescue us from the apocalypse with an extended "Doomsday Vault"

Norway wants to rescue us from the apocalypse with an extended "Doomsday Vault"

We are facing one of the most geopolitical and technological uncertainties in recent years, but some are preparing for a potential apocalypse. The best example of this is the Global Seed Vault, a unique "Last Judgment Day Vault" located in Norway and which until now was responsible for storing samples of all the seeds of the world in case they are needed.

Now that singular archive is expanding with an expansion called World Artic Archive that instead of collecting seeds will gather knowledge and wisdom. The idea is simple: that countries contribute meaningful information to rescue it in case that future apocalyptic and dystopian potential that we are painted the science fiction films will end up.

Wisdom that will last 1,000 years
The Norwegian company Piql is in charge of the conversion of all the digital data to transfer them to a singular analogic film with multiple layers that according to its managers is able to store the data during a range that can reach the 1,000 years.

One of those responsible for the process, Katrine Loen Thomsen, recently explained in the Norwegian newspaper NRK that the idea of ​​coding all this information has certain similarities with the technology used for QR codes.

Any country can request the process of uploading text, images or audio content to Piql servers so that that information is transferred to that specially resistant film that is still protected in a safe deposit box which in turn is stored in this vault Fortified The information can be consulted via the internet if there is access to the network of networks, but it can also be sent digitally or sent in a physical format.

Brazil has already joined the initiative and has sent the Brazilian Constitution, while Mexico has also wanted to begin using this service and has sent historical documents of the Inca civilization. We will see if the idea persuades more governments around the world, but what we really hope is that retrieving that information is never necessary : that will mean that everything is still relatively quiet on our planet.

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