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My Talking Tom for Windows

My Talking Tom for Windows
My Talking Tom is a popular game for mobile devices that now features a desktop version for Windows 10 and 8. It is a fun virtual pet that repeats the phrases that the user transmits.

This program also allows a set of actions that can be applied to the cat Tom, such as dressing, disguising, feeding, bedding, caressing, etc. Each action of being is going to provoke a corresponding reaction, which makes that the game allows a constant interaction between the boy (or adolescent) and his pet.

In turn the application contains a set of mini-games, such as Bubble Shooter, which add entertainment, but also serve to obtain coins, which help to acquire elements to offer the pet.

One of the funniest options presented by My Talking Tom is recording videos with messages that are dictated to the cat, which can be sent as jokes to friends via Facebook, the mail or WhatsApp.

The pet can be customized to suit the user, who will be able to choose the name, the color of the coat, his clothes, etc.; But in addition the personality of the cat is going to be determined by the treatment and the care that is given to him daily.

Users who have updated their operating system to Windows 10, or those who have Windows 8 or 8.1, will be able to enjoy this program that can be downloaded for free.

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