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Messenger for computer

Messenger for computer

Messenger is the official Facebook program to chat with friends of that social network from a computer with Windows 10 . Allows you to chat with other connected users whether from another PC or from any mobile device.

The advantage of using this application instead of accessing from the Facebook page in the browser is that you have a better interface (similar to iOS) and more features. In addition there is a system of notifications, visible in the taskbar, to read the messages instantly received while you are with the attention in another application or another tab of the browser.

This edition of Messenger for computer allows you to add stickers to conversations, send photos and videos, create specific groups of contacts, know when the other participants in a group read the messages, see messages not yet read in the Live Tile, and Many more functions that make this software an interesting alternative to chat with friends or with work contacts.

With regard to the disadvantages we have found to this desktop edition is that you can not make calls or video calls , taking into account that it is possible to do it from an Android phone or an iPhone. Anyway it can be used exclusively for Facebook, and in case you need to make a call from the PC you have the option of Skype or Whatsapp on the computer.

Another aspect that could be improved is that you can not respond directly from the taskbar through a bubble and that it is necessary to access the program interface. While it is most logical to proceed in this way, it may happen that sometimes you do not want to totally lose the focus of what you are doing, or that you have the need to disguise that you are chatting.

Messenger 75.503.35628.0 is the latest version for Windows 10, available in Spanish and free.

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