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MathRapid to practice math playing

MathRapid to practice math playing
MathRapid is a program that includes a series of mathematical games in which the user must calculate basic operations, ideal for children who begin to become familiar with mathematics, but also very useful for older people who want to exercise their mind in a very playful environment entertaining.

The game consists of quickly writing the results of several arithmetic operations that are scrolling from the top of the screen, adding points for each correct result that was typed before the operation came to the bottom of the screen.

The interface is very basic and the configuration options are to select the type of operation you want to practice: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division or "All" option to randomly alternate any of the operations mentioned.

It is also possible to select the level of the game according to the experience and mental capacity of the user, having three levels: Novato, Normal and Expert. Depending on the level selected, the number of concurrent operations falling and the speed at which they fall will depend. It is recommended to start as a newbie to adapt to the pace of MathRapid. Finally, in the configuration controls you can choose the maximum possible number for each operand: 10, 20, 30 or 40.

The fact of receiving a score after each exercise allows to compete among several people to demonstrate who has more skill in putting into practice the ability to solve mathematical calculations.

As already mentioned, this type of application offers entertainment, but with a didactic objective and offers the possibility of learning and exercising the neurons as an aid to the prevention of some kind of degenerative disease in the elderly. To exercise the mind we have already presented other applications: gBrainy and Cognition Play, among others. In the case of children we have also presented some similar programs but with more games, such as Gcompis or Sebran's ABC, among others.

MathRapid 1.2.19 is the latest version of the game for Windows, available in Spanish to download for free.

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