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Keep a personal diary with Efficient Diary

Keep a personal diary with Efficient Diary
Efficient Diary is a program that allows you to organize a personal diary to which you can add notes and images, but also contains a set of very useful functions, such as calendar, search engine, backup generator, etc. The diary is fully customizable and offers several designs to choose from, adaptable to the user's age, gender and tastes.

Efficient Diary has a password access control to guarantee the privacy of the data that the user can enter. In turn the text is saved in files that are encrypted so that they are not readable in case you try to open them outside the application.

This software includes a text editor that contains a toolbar similar to the one of applications of the type of Word or Notepad++, that allows to choose between several fonts, letter sizes, colors, etc., but also has support for Vignettes, different alignments, emoticons and so on.

This journal offers the option to make periodic backups that can be used to save all the entries in a secure way, mainly to prevent any type of inconvenience that could mean the loss of the data. These backups can be generated manually at any time or the automatic backup option can be configured. Since this software is portable, you can carry the diary on a pendrive and back the files there or back to some other storage unit.

Another extremely useful function is the Export and Import journal entries, either to be applied in case of using more than one computer, or in case you want to append entries that have been saved separately, either because they correspond to different years or Were organized according to some other criteria.

It includes a complete search engine that has several filters, allowing searching by keywords or free text within a period of time or in all records. It can be useful in case of searching for an event, name or situation that you want to access. It supports different levels of relevance (and states) that can be associated with a certain date to highlight some important event.

This software may not necessarily be used as a personal journal in which to report events during the day, but can also be used as an agenda to mark important dates such as meetings, birthdays, appointments, appointments, etc. The interface is extremely intuitive and is in Spanish.

This free version contains all the functions mentioned, but you have the option to upgrade to the Pro version, which adds other advanced features such as spell checker, possibility to attach files to daily entries, insertion of tables, in addition to other features Which help to better organize and manage the personal agenda.

Efficient Diary 3.81 is the latest version available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7 and 8), in Spanish and free.

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