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ISpy surveillance software

ISpy surveillance software

ISpy is a program that allows you to record activity and movements registered in a certain area that you want to watch or spy on. Optionally offers services of remote monitoring live from a cell phone or from another PC, being able to access from any other place.

To use this software it is necessary to have a camera, either integrated to a laptop or connected to a PC, supporting webcams (USB) and IP cameras. By connecting a microphone it is possible to capture audio (next to the images or only the audio). Unlike other surveillance software we have already introduced, such as Vitamin D, iSpy allows you to connect multiple cameras, which increases the number of zones that can be controlled within the home or the trade you want to monitor.

ISpy can be configured to record on video the images and/or sounds it registers at any time, or only when there is some movement or noise. Videos can be stored locally on your computer or can be sent to a remote server or uploaded to YouTube.

In addition to having the facts recorded, the iSpy user can access through the browser from a remote location, for example, from the office can monitor what happens in your home, Or can access from your cell phone with Android system, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Windows Phone 7. This service requires a monthly subscription.

When an abnormal occurrence occurs during the monitoring period, the application not only records what happens, but also is able to alert the owner through an SMS , MMS, email or via Twitter; Therefore can be very effective when giving notice to any unforeseen. This service is also among the extra benefits of subscribing to a low monthly cost.

This program may be used for other purposes, in addition to monitoring, surveillance and spying; For example, live transmission can be included within a web page, which can be used to broadcast a panoramic view of a particular tourist center or to make sightings of birds or other animals. It can also be useful when children or pets are left alone in the home, to see if everything is going well and to be calm in the distance. In turn, it can be used from another room in the home where there are babies and receive alerts at the sound of a cry or some strange noise.

On the official site there is help explaining how to install and configure the application, how to send the captures via FTP, how to sync with Google Drive, how to add plugins, and so on.

ISpy is the latest version (updated in February 2017) available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) in Spanish and free for use of the recording function and the rest of the basic tools.

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