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IObit SmartDefrag Defragmenter

IObit SmartDefrag Defragmenter
IObit SmartDefrag is a program that serves to defragment hard disks in an efficient way, helping to achieve a better performance in the PC, in case the cause of the slowdown is precisely the fragmentation of the disk.

The advantage of Smart Defrag is, besides its speed, it achieves optimal results because, in addition to defragmenting the files, it groups the most frequent access in the fastest areas of the disk.

This application can be run manually, but can also run automatically and intelligently in the background, to defragment when she deems it appropriate.

The application introduces a new technology called" Boot Time Defrag", which allows defragmenting files during the process of loading Windows when starting the PC, and the idea is to do it with those files that are part of the system and that after booting no longer Can be taken into account during the usual process that applies this tool.

The creators of this application, the company Iobit, guarantee the integrity and stability of both the physical part of the hard drive and the stored data, so as to reassure the user when to apply an analysis and later execution.

IObit SmartDefrag 4.3 is the last stable version, updated in January 2016, of this application that can be downloaded for free. It works in Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000. It is available in Spanish.

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