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Instagram for Windows 10

 Instagram for Windows 10
Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today to upload and share photos and videos with other users. So far it was possible to use this service through mobile devices (iPhone, Android), but now has been released this official version for Windows 10.

Initially the biggest attraction of this application was the possibility of applying filters to the photos before sharing them, besides the possibility of leaving comments or giving likes to the most attractive contents. Recently other interesting features have been added, such as the possibility to add photos with fun effects that will disappear after 24 hours, something similar to what can be achieved with SnapChat.

Another new built-in feature recently allows users to transmit live and be seen by followers. This streaming service is similar to the one started by offering the Periscope (from Twitter) and later Facebook Live. This tool is used by several personalities, news chains, politicians, journalists, etc.

The good news is the release of this desktop edition for Windows and Mac, but the bad news is that for the moment is a little limited in terms of built-in functionality, with respect to editions for mobile platforms. It is possible to access the contents, find and follow people, share photos that are kept 24 hours and some more functions; But it is not possible at the moment to upload photos to the gallery (unless you have a Windows tablet or a laptop with a touch screen), do live streaming from the computer or access the stories of friends.

There are other alternatives to upload photos to Instagram from the PC . One of them is InstaPic, which can be installed on Windows. It allows searching users, commenting and giving likes to photos, managing multiple Instagram accounts, etc.; But most importantly it allows you to download, edit and upload photos from the notebook or PC.

For the moment, and while the official version is not improving, InstaPic is a better option as it has a better interface and more intuitive, but mainly because it allows upload content.

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