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IExplorer to explore files on the iPhone

IExplorer to explore files on the iPhone
IExplorer is software that allows you to explore the file system of iPhone or iPad devices, which can be connected to the PC or Mac through a USB cable, as if it were a flash drive or flash memory.

This application allows to perform the usual operations of a file explorer (delete, copy or move), with the possibility to drag the files (drag and drop) between the window that corresponds to the mobile device and the window that shows the system of Files stored on the computer's hard disk. It also allows you to create, delete or rename folders; And can be used to view photos taken with the phone, with the possibility of transferring them to the PC or MAC. It is possible to access the file system from Finder or from Windows Explorer, like a disk more of the computer or of the Mac.

IExplorer has the advantage that it can be installed on iOS operating systems without having to be "jailbreak", a process that is applied to remove certain limitations imposed by Apple, and generally used to install on the phone Or in the tablet applications unofficial or that are not in the App Store. It should be noted that in devices with jailbreak, in addition to accessing folders and files, you can access other data such as contact list, SMS or emails; But in both cases this application works and can be used without problems.

This useful program also allows you to connect to remote servers via FTP, and also supports WebDAV servers, as well as the ability to configure it to synchronize files and data with various storage services (using cloud-based technology).

Version 3 adds a new tool that allows you to manage and synchronize music files, avoiding duplication, being ideal to unify the music collection from different devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad) to make it available in iTunes. It also adds tools to manage videos, export SMS, contact lists, and so on.

Added support for the iOS 7 version of its operating system, and for the new devices launched by Apple: iPad Air, iPhone 5s and 5c, in addition to all previous iPhone.

IExplorer 4.0.3 is the latest PC version (updated November 2016), which supports all versions of Windows (up to Windows 10), and requires iTunes 10 (or later) to work. The application is free.

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