Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Huawei makes smart watches, but its CEO sees no future in them

Huawei makes smart watches, but its CEO sees no future in them

The smart watches appeared to raise a new breakthrough in the technology segment, but its impact has not been expected by the industry and users. In fact some manufacturers seem to follow the trend almost by inertia, or so point the comments of their managers.

This is the case of Eric Xu Zhijun, CEO of Huawei, during this week's Global Analyst Summit 2017 of Shenzhen revealed his doubts regarding these wearables: " I always confuse what smartwatches are used for when we have smartphones." Curious, considering that the company recently introduced the Huawei Watch 2.

Reasonable doubt
Xu's comment is also remarkable because for many users that is precisely the reality: except for the convenience of avoiding getting the smartphone out of pocket, having a smart watch does not seem to be so relevant.

Defending the purchase of these devices is increasingly difficult, especially when neither devices with Android Wear nor Apple Watch have brought significant improvements in the latest editions of their operating systems for these smart watches.

Xu actually questioned the future of these smart watches and stated that "I would never dream of wearing one. " The Huawei division responsible for the development of these products presents "ideas with great enthusiasm," he explains, "but I continue to remind them to pay attention to whether or not there is a tangible need for these products in the market."

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