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Huawei begins to do the homework: they would already be testing Android O in Mate 9

Huawei begins to do the homework: they would already be testing Android O in Mate 9

A few weeks ago appeared the first 'Developer Preview' of Android Or that, although he did not have much news apparently hid themselves some interesting features that can make use of our smartphone easier. As it can not be otherwise, the first to be able to test this previous version were the owners of a Pixel and certain Nexus models of the most recent.

But it was only a matter of time before some other manufacturer was encouraged to start testing Android O, and this time the first one was Huawei. The terminal chosen for these internal tests has been Mate 9, curiously the first of the manufacturer to go out with Nougat from the box.

In the image that can be seen on this line, we see that, in fact, the model used is the Huawei Mate 9, specifically the Chinese version ( MHA-AL00 ), being the international MHA-L29. One detail that can plague more than one is that, justly, the version of Android is capped in the image.

The version of the personalization layer is EMUI 5.1, the same that came from the factory with the Huawei P10 and Honor 8 Pro , which would imply that the Chinese manufacturer has not yet developed a new version of its interface. However, there are some things that do suggest that Android is actually circulating the Chinese Mate 9 internally in its previous version.

How is this previous version of Android O in the Mate 9 working?
The developer who is testing the first previous version of Android O, a senior member of XDA-Developers known as duraaraa , ran into two problems. The first is that the Wi-Fi connection did not work, the second is that Google Play did not work.

In the first case, the problem was not in the compilation, where the Wi-Fi works without problems, but in that it had the firmware of the Huawei P10 installed, which returned to the terminal itself was solved. In order to make Google Play work, the developer had to install the store by hand.

The subject of the P10 firmware was part of another experiment, which showed that it could be flashed without problems on the Huawei Mate 9, although, as we have seen, the Wi-Fi did not work, so do not recommend doing this experiment for the moment. The ROM of the previous Android O, by the way, comes pre-rooted for internal development use.

Once installed, the author of the article in XDA-Developers asked duraraa if he was able to use the 'Picture-in-Picture' feature of Android O, which he recently answered with the image that you can see a little higher. Here you can see how a YouTube video is running in a small window while displaying the main desktop.

While these tests seem quite reliable along with the fact that it is a senior XDA member (who even made available to download the 'boot' and two recoveries for EMUI 5.1 / Android O in his forum thread ), we want to ask Caution and, if you dare try to try it, keep in mind that it would only work (to be known) in the Chinese version of Mate 9.

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