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How to record calls to your Android or iPhone phone

How to record calls to your Android or iPhone phone

Whether it is part of your job, because you need it to collect data for your studies, or for any other reason, it is possible that the time comes when you need to record one of the calls you make with your mobile. Here, depending on the device you have and your operating system may be more or less difficult to do.

That's why today we are going to tell you how you can record the calls you make with your smartphone, specifically with Android and iOS as the two most used systems in the sector. Here you have to keep in mind that doing it with Android is relatively easy, although if you have an iPhone the thing can be quite complicated.

Before you begin you have to keep in mind that usually making recordings of calls is usually perfectly legal, although with a few exceptions. Still, out of sheer courtesy it would not hurt that if you are going to record your call with someone you warn this person that you are going to make the recording to avoid misunderstandings or later resentments.

How to record calls with your Android
Android users have the most facilities to record calls, since they have a large number of applications in Google Play. The most popular is Call Recording-ACR, with different recording formats, self-defeating old conversations and a 1.89 euros Premium mode that allows you to upload audio to Dropbox or Google Drive in the Pro version (1.99 euros). You also have Call Recorder, which allows you to record calls according to the contact.

But the one that we are going to teach you to use is that of ACR, so your first step is to download it to your mobile phone. The app will ask you permission to access the multimedia content to save calls, audio and manage calls to record, and your contacts. He will also ask you to accept his rules. Once this is done the application will open, and it will be enabled by default.

This means that while enabled, ACR will automatically record all calls you make or receive . Just use the phone normally, call whoever you want and at the end will ask you if you want to save the call or not. When you no longer want to use it, just open the left side panel, and click where it sets Enabled to disable it.

In this panel you can also enter the application settings. In it you can change general settings like choosing theme, request PIN to access the application or configure notifications among other things. You also have a recording settings in which to choose the folder where they are recorded, the format or whether the recordings are automatically started or not.

You can also link the app to different services in the cloud like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneNote to save calls. Of course, in order to do so you will need a Premium license that costs two euros. Even so, if you are going to actively use this type of application you can possibly come in well with the investment.

How to record calls with your iPhone
Unfortunately, recording the calls you make or receive on your iPhone is not as easy as Android. In fact it can not be done unless there is a communication with a third number or an IP voice server. Come on, your operator has to allow you to make calls to three, since that is what you have to do, call a person and a service that makes voicemail to record the conversation.

These services are all paid, such as Burovoz , which asks you to buy credits to record calls that you will make from the application. The cost is 40 fixed cents and 39 cents per minute for certified recordings, and 10 fixed cents and 16 cents per minute on uncertified recordings. Alternatively you have IntCall, which allows you to make voiceIP calls to any number in the world. The cost depends on the country you call, and for example doing so in Spain can cost you about $ 0.10 per minute.

If you want to record the calls on your iPhone you will have to throw for rather more rudimentary alternatives. What many often do is enable the handsfree of the phone during the call and record it with a PC application or a recorder. You may hear something worse, but at least you do not have to pay for it.

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