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How to convert a PDF to Word or ODT online and without installing anything

How to convert a PDF to Word or ODT online and without installing anything

PDFs are layout files where each word or object occupies a specific space, so it is not always easy to convert them to conventional text files such as Word or OpenDocument (ODT). But that is not as easy as changing a conventional text format does not mean that it is impossible.

When we told you a few days ago how to convert a PDF to eBook format we teach you that there are third-party pages and applications that do it relatively easily. The same happens when converting them to normal text documents, only in this case can be done in an even easier way. You only need to have a Google account and take advantage of one of its tools.

Convert a PDF to Word or ODT with Google Drive
If you have a Google account, you automatically have a tool account like Google Drive, which is the web that we are going to use. So, the first thing you have to do is go into Google Drive, right click on your file browser and choose the Upload Files option from the popup menu. Choose the PDF file you want to convert and upload it. You can also drag it from the file explorer of your operating system.

Once you have finished uploading the PDF you want to convert, right click on it. In the popup menu you have to choose the option Open with, and between the alternatives that you have (depending on applications that you have installed in Drive or Chrome) choose Google Docs. This way, your PDF will open with the Google text documents application, which will automatically convert your PDF into an editable text file.

So Google is in charge of doing the most difficult, and now you just have to save this document in the format you want. To do this, go to the top menu and choose the File option . Now click on Download as and choose from the text formats to which you can convert your PDF. This includes Word documents .docx and OpenDocument .odt documents.

There are also other third party web tools
But beyond Google, they just because they give enough reliability, there are also other third party pages that offer online tools to do exactly the same. In fact just looking for "PDF to Word" or "PDF to ODT" already leaves a few. Here try to be aware that someone may try to sneak an unwanted download, that is, pay attention to where you enter and only use the most reliable.

To give you some examples, with or PDF2Doc you will easily convert your PDFs to Microsoft text format. Other web tools like Online Convert or PDF to ODT however will allow you to convert your files to OpenDocument format.

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