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Hello application to access restricted sites

Hello application to access restricted sites
Hello is a program that allows access to sites or web services that have some type of geographical restriction, so it can serve to access Netflix or Pandora, among others, from any country that has limitations on the use of those services.

Some content transmission services such as Netflix allow access to many countries, but in some of them there is no complete catalog available to users in the United States. The movies and series are in English, but there are methods to add subtitles in Spanish to see Netflix content. Other services do not allow access to users who are in a particular country, when there are soccer broadcasts or other sporting or cultural events.

There are several methods to hide the IP address (which identifies the country in which the user is located), for example, the use of a proxy, but they are not always efficient and it can happen that the navigation or transmission of Video or online television; However, Hola offers a very smooth and fast navigation through the VPN proxy technology, and also guarantees the anonymity of the user as it leaves no traces of your IP through the sites where you navigate.

Hello, you can install it normally just like any other program (on Windows, Mac or Android) and it works with all browsers, but it can also be installed directly in the browser as an extension, with support for Firefox and Google Chrome. Some of the browsers already include a function for accessing sites through an incognito mode.  but the service of Hola adds the possibility to unblock certain services that are censored or restricted in some places.

Another advantage of this software, which makes it useful at any time (not only in the situations mentioned above) is that it reduces the bandwidth, either in PC or mobile, because it compresses the transmitted data, As it uses an intelligent caching system that makes images and scripts locally stored when returning to a site.

Hello 1.8.369 is the latest version available for free download for the operating systems already mentioned, although this edition has a use restriction of 4 hours a day, there being a Premium edition without limitations.

Download (Windows - all browsers)

Download (Chrome extension)

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