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Google Earth 7.1.8 free (latest version)

Google Earth 7.1.8 free (latest version)
Google Earth is a program that allows you to travel around the world's major cities and corners of the planet, using satellite imagery, navigating among millions of photos. As a result you get a view in three dimensions, which makes it possible to move away from the chosen destination, and can easily locate the ceiling of any house, square, building, and so on.

Google Earth contains more and more maps and information of the different corners of the planet, being able to locate landscapes, monuments, shops and everything that can occur to us.

Google Earth had already added several improvements in recent versions, such as the possibility of traveling to the moon and seeing images of its surface, being able to navigate through it, besides exploring Mars along with other planets and other galaxies; And a novelty called "trip to the past". In addition, he had introduced the integration with Street View , to be able to walk the streets of the main cities of the world, and to see buildings, bridges and trees in 3D.

The three-dimensional visualization that is achieved in the bottom of the oceans offers an incredible experience, having the possibility to dive and to observe the fauna and flora present in the different enabled regions.

Google Earth 7.1.8 is the latest version, updated in January 2017; Which has as main novelty the ability to fly over cities and enjoy a spectacular 3D view from the sky.

Another welcome news, recently announced, is the addition of new Mars photos shared by NASA, with the possibility of exploring that planet using a 3D model with 360 degree panoramic views in high definition.

Through the KML format it is possible to easily import or export geographic locations to or from other applications, such as Google Maps or any other software that uses maps for GPS navigation.

On the official site there are video tutorials for beginners, which teach you how to locate places, how to navigate, how to walk the streets with Street View or with the new 3D Imagery, and much more.

There is a Pro version with more functions, which has also become free. It includes measurement tools (ideal for measuring terrain and large surfaces), includes photos with higher resolution (4800 pixels versus 1000 pixels of the basic version), allows exporting videos in HD (through Movie Maker), supports automatic geolocation Was manual), it counts the traffic and includes several more functionalities.

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