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GCompris educational games for children

GCompris educational games for children

GCompris is a program that contains several didactic games for children between 2 and 10 years old, whose aim is for the little ones to play, but in turn they can learn to use the different elements of the computer, and to train with activities such as Math, reading, writing and learning other languages.

This application is ideal for children to begin to exercise the use and the movements of the mouse, and to become familiar with the keyboard and the distribution of the keys. Also so that they are acquiring the first notions of algebra.

GCompris consists of a series of individual exercises, each with a specific purpose, with a graphical interface similar to that of a game; For example, one of the games to learn to control the keyboard is to type the letters that fall from the sky, before they touch the ground. Other games help count, add, subtract, multiply, exercise memory, identify colors and sounds, learn time, solve puzzles, and various other activities.

This free version includes about 60 games, while there is a paid version, without limitations, that adds several other activities, such as learning chess, learning to draw or learning geography, among others.

The interface of this software is extremely intuitive, oriented to the youngest can learn faster, with buttons that have associated drawings representative of their functions, but also have a voice help explaining their use. To know more about this programs and to obtain documentation you can access its official site. It is ideal for use at home but also in schools and educational centers.

GCompris 15.10 is the latest version available in Spanish for both Windows and Linux, released in 2016. There is also a version of GCompris for XO .

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