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Free Download ICQ 10

Free Download ICQ 10

ICQ ("I seek you") is an instant messaging program, with which it is possible to chat, send files, make videoconferences, voice talks, interact through drawing boards, etc. He was the pioneer in this type of service and currently remains one of the most used in the USA, even more than Windows Live Microsoft.

ICQ 10 , the latest version (updated in October 2016), provides the possibility of establishing a quick and simple interaction between users using different communication platforms and new technologies. It has been redesigned, offering new features, but keeps its ability to function properly by consuming few memory resources.

Some new features incorporated in previous versions of ICQ consisted of: the possibility of allowing users to send messages to their contacts without the need to open a new window; Maintain different conversations in different tabs, for several contacts; Improvements in the functionality of your History; Improvements in contact search options (remember that this program has the possibility to search for people to add, by country, sex, age, city, and many more options).

Starting with ICQ 8 Open-Xtraz was the great novelty, which added new tools and functionalities, such as integration with social networks, games, and lots of fun. It is possible to integrate contacts from Facebook, Twitter and other networks, and manage them from the interface of this application. Chatting with users on other networks can be accessed, for example, the user can chat with their Google Talk contacts and participate with their friends in the Facebook chat.

In this latest version adds the possibility of sending files, also the ability to use more than one account simultaneously. It allows you to make free calls from the application to other ICQ users and to see yourself on the webcam thanks to its new video chat service, covering both PC users as well as people connecting from a mobile device (phones, tablets).

We offer the Windows version of this application, but the official site offers versions for other platforms, both desktop (Linux and Mac OS X) and mobile (Android, iOS, BB, Symbian and others), which allows the Message history synchronization between all user devices.

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