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Download Zoner Photo Studio Free

Download Zoner Photo Studio Free
Zoner Photo Studio Free is a program used to view and edit photos, with the possibility to organize and manage all the photos that are stored in the computer. It is similar to AcdSee, a very complete classic image viewer, but it is not free as it is this application.

Has a tool called Sort Pictures that helps organize all the pictures are copied to the hard disk and can agregarles labels (tags), with the advantage that you can easily access any picture at any time. In this latest version is added the geolocation function .

From the Manager module you can access the entire collection and the albums that are stored. You can search by name, date, tag, and several more fields. There is a community of Zoner users with whom you can share your own creations and in the end look at what you can achieve with this new tool.

Zoner Photo Studio Free can be used to share photos through different services like Flickr and upload photos to Facebook and other social networks, from the same application.

This application can be used as the default program to download photos from any digital camera.

As for the editing tools , it is possible to remove the red-eye effect with just a click, add frames to the photos, widen or deform faces or any figure within an image without altering the rest and many more options; As well as the ability to apply other basic tools to retouch photographs . To have more advanced editing tools, such as those found in Photoshop, you have to use the version Zoner Photo Studio Professional (not free).

Create calendars with photos as background. It also allows you to create panoramic photos from a set of photos taken sequentially, slightly varying the direction, and in turn is able to create photos with 3D (three-dimensional) effects. In turn, it includes support for data maps used in devices with GPS.

Zoner Photo Studio Free 18 ( is the latest version, updated in March 2016, from which you can download for free. It works under Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

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