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Download ZoneAlarm 2017 Free

Download ZoneAlarm 2017 Free

ZoneAlarm is a program known as firewall or firewall, which is responsible for protecting the system, both incoming intruders (possible hackers) and programs that attempt to create outbound connections, which can be blocked if they are not known or trusted.

Each time a program or process tries to send data to a server, ZoneAlarm notices it, indicating its name and the IP address it is trying to connect to. If you have the security that this connection is safe and necessary for the operation of the program, you can dial it so that you always access it without showing a warning again. In addition, the user can choose different types of permissions to programs, and these are grouped into so-called zones defined ZoneAlarm: Internet Zone, Trusted Zone and Zone Bloqueada.

This firewall has the possibility of blocking the Internet access (Internet lock), very useful when you are not browsing and, therefore, it is not necessary to be connected. It can be configured to be activated after a certain period of inactivity and to be restored after accessing again.

Zone Alarm is very effective and easy to use. For its configuration has a guide (wizard) very useful for beginners. It is a great option, highly recommended to preserve the integrity of the system. It is compatible with most antivirus, such as Avast, which allows them to interact in a complementary way.

There is a complete ZoneAlarm manual in Spanish, which details the functions of this application and serves to deepen some concepts and to learn how to configure this tool.

This latest version, ZoneAlarm Free 2017 (15.159.17147), updated in January 2017, is completely free, and is available in Spanish; But there is another non-free version, Zone Alarm Pro, with higher performance.

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