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Download Wise Registry Cleaner free

Download Wise Registry Cleaner free
Wise Registry Cleaner is a program that cleans the registry of Windows, eliminating obsolete entries, with the aim of speeding up and optimizing the system.

Wise analyzes the log in a few seconds and after finishing it shows a list with the names (and associated values) of the entries detected as possible candidates to be deleted. You can choose to delete all those entries, or select some of them. The help of the application is counted, which suggests which ones can be safely deleted (highlighted in green), and which ones could be riskier; However it is always advisable to use the backup option of the registry, to be able to restore it in case there is any inconvenience with the system or with any application.

Wise has a tool to defragment the registry, which keeps it better better structured and optimized, with a good chance that, in cases in which it notes a slower system, it will become more agile and fast after the defragmentation.

The application is easy to use, it is reliable, and the analysis of the system is very fast, therefore it is advisable to test it and see the results, remembering that it is advisable to carry out a previous backup.

Wise Registry Cleaner Free 8.61 is the latest free version (updated in June 2015), there being a Pro version with more tools. It works on Windows 8, 7 (32/64 bits), Vista (32/64 bits), XP, 2008 Server, 2003 and 2000. Added support for Windows 10 Preview.


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