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Download Wise Disk Cleaner free

Download Wise Disk Cleaner free
Wise Disk Cleaner is a program that allows you to eliminate unnecessary files that occupy disk space. This action may possibly optimize and streamline the system.

There are temporary files left over while browsing the Internet, or software installation files or Windows updates that are no longer needed, as well as other elements such as cookies, obsolete backups, log files, invalid shortcuts, passwords, Data aggregates in forms and many more variants that this application is responsible for eliminating, with the fundamental objective of freeing disk space and cleaning the system.

Some of the elements mentioned may contain personal information or leave traces of the sites visited, therefore, in addition to liberal space, eliminating such files serves to protect privacy.

The program is very fast because you can scan discs in a few seconds. It is also easy to use for novices, and offers a more advanced option to use from a command line. It is possible to program the execution frequency, not to be pending to carry out the cleaning manually and to be carried out automatically every certain period (week, month, etc.).

This cleaner supports the most used browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and also Internet Explorer 11, the latest edition of Microsoft's browser. It is in turn responsible for erasing data and cache several more applications (in addition to browsers), with support for various types of software.

Wise Disk Cleaner 9.42 (Build 656) is the latest version (updated January 2017) of this software that can be downloaded for free . Serves for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

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