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Download Winzip 21

Download Winzip 21

WinZip is the original and most popular program among all compressors/decompressors used in Windows.

With WinZip you can easily compress and decompress files or folders, in order to reduce the space occupied on the hard disk, or to reduce the size of the files to be sent by e-mail. It is also possible to compress .BZ2 and. RAR and in this way open compressed files by the program WinRAR, in addition to several more formats.

Among the many advanced options offered by Winzip we can highlight the possibility of creating auto-executable, and the ability to encrypt and decrypt documents. It also offers other advantages, such as: ability to work with large zip files (more than 4 GB), conversion from zip to rar and other formats, reducing the size of images in JPG format, and several more functions Of this a complete and efficient compressor.

The latest updates of this product stood out for a renewed compression engine, which allows to achieve greater speed in the processing. According to tests, it has been possible to reduce speed by 50 to 80%.

The new version 2016 of Winzip offers better performance and new functions: It allows publishing files directly to Facebook, adapts its compression engine to processors with 64-bit architecture, allows to compress and burn files on Blu-ray discs, adds support for new formats, And has several more options.

If you use some type of cloud storage, for the purpose of backing up or for other purposes, Winzip allows you to manage the upload of files to the servers, with support for various services, such as SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive, handling the zipping and encryption of files.

This remarkable tool can be used to back up data: it is possible to schedule backup tasks of certain folders to be compressed every certain period, and to save the ZIP files locally to the hard disk, an external memory unit or a CD The DVD; It even has its own FTP client to send the files to a remote server.

Winzip 21 is the latest evaluation version of this software, released in October 2016. It is available in Spanish and works for all versions of Windows.

File size: 154 MB.

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