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Download Vista Codec Package 7.1.0 free

Download Vista Codec Package 7.1.0 free
Vista Codec Package is a good solution for a frequent problem when trying to watch videos or DVD's in certain formats, which can not be optimized visually because the proper codec is not available. This is a great collection of compiled codecs, very complete, with the assurance that you will not need to have to install any other codec manually since it covers all known formats.

It is important to note that this program does not contain a video player and is not associated with any audio or video format, but is valid for any specific program such as Winamp, Windows Media Player or any other.

To avoid incompatibilities and possible conflicts between different versions of the same codec, this application uninstalls all versions present in the system, and performs a clean and secure installation.

The application has a panel that includes several tabs, each corresponding to a video or audio format (AVI, H264, MKV, MP4, etc.). For each of these formats you can configure and associate the codecs and splitters that you want to associate with. You can leave the default settings in case you are not sure or do not have the necessary knowledge.

Vista Codec Package contains the following Codecs :
  • - AAC Parser 
  • - AC3File 
  • - AC3Filter 
  • - AudioSwitcher 
  • - AVI AC3 / DTS 
  • - CoreVorbis Audio Decoder 
  • - CyberLink QuickTime Source Filter 
  • - D2VSource 
  • - DC-Bass Source 
  • - DivX Decoder Filter 
  • - DSM Muxer 
  • - DSM Splitter 
  • - DTS / AC3 / DD + Source 
  • - DTSWAVSource 
  • - Haali Media Splitter 
  • - Haali Video Renderer 
  • - ffdshow Video Decoder 
  • - ffdshow video encoder 
  • - FLV Splitter 
  • - Microsoft Windows Media Video 9 VCM 
  • - MP4 Source 
  • - Nero Video Reader 
  • - Nero QuickTime Video Decoder 
  • - Ogg Source 
  • - RealVideo Decoder 
  • - Sipro Lab 
  • - VP7 Decompressor

Vista Codec Package 7.1.0 is the latest version of this codec package, updated in April 2016, and can be downloaded for free.

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