Monday, 24 April 2017

Download Virtual CloneDrive

Download Virtual CloneDrive
Virtual CloneDrive is a program that installs virtual CD or DVD drives, using hard disk space. These virtual drives behave just the same if they are the CD or DVD burner. Supports up to 8 units at a time.

It supports the most popular CD or DVD image formats, such as ISO, BIN and CCD.

The utility of this application is the ability to test images before copying, to verify that they have no errors, and thus save a CD (in case it is not rewritable) and the time it takes the recording.

In the case of games or programs saved on CD, DVD or Blu-ray, they can be run directly with Virtual CloneDrive stored on the computer's hard disk, with the advantage of obtaining a faster loading and access than directly using the external device.

It is also useful for backing up and backing up or protecting drives.

Virtual CloneDrive is the new 2016 version of this software that you can download free for Windows 10 and earlier editions.

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