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Download Viber for Windows

Download Viber for Windows
The popular Viber application for making calls between mobile devices announces its new desktop version for Windows or for Mac, which will allow its users to make calls and videoconferences from a PC or notebook, with the possibility of communicating with other users already Have it installed on a phone (or tablet) with Android, on an iPhone, an iPad or a BlackBerry.

Viber allows you to make free calls and messages between devices that use WiFi on their cell phones, or PCs with internet connection, without any limitation and regardless of which countries are users.

To start using this service it is not necessary to register a user name, because each user is identified by their telephone number. Once it has been installed on the mobile phone it will be able to be extended to the PC and used interchangeably from any of these devices.

During the installation process in Windows you will be asked to enter your phone number in order to receive a code on your cell phone, which will be necessary to activate the service. It is important to emphasize that it is NECESSARY to previously have Viber in the cell phone, otherwise it will not be possible to install this version that we present today.

In the list of contacts in the calendar, you will be able to know which users access this service, and you will be able to call or send messages directly, without having to send invitations; In turn they will be able to synchronize the contacts and the history of the conversations between the platform of desktop and the mobile.

One of the advantages of incorporating Windows or Mac as platforms lies precisely in the ability to interrupt a call initiated from the phone, either because the person is already in his home or because he has Without battery, to transfer it to your PC and continue talking.

The picture and sound quality is acceptable when you have a chord connection. Like other well-known VOIP applications, such as Skype or OoVoo, Viber accepts simultaneous conferences between several users (up to 40 participants). One advantage of Viber regarding Skype is that it is not necessary to register a user or enter with password to execute the application. One difference in favor of Skype is that you can get better audio and video quality in calls and better stability in operation.

Text messaging supports static and animated emoticons, reminiscent of the now-defunct MSN (which has been replaced precisely by Skype, the great competitor with this software). Another function incorporated in recent editions allows sending the location of the user as a text message, when using any of the mobile platforms. In short, Viber is a better option in the case of using the message as a mode of communication, resembling more the proposal offered by WhatsApp. It is not even far-fetched to define this product as a combination of Skype with WhatsApp.

In addition to the obvious requirements (webcam, microphone), a computer with Windows (XP, Vista, 7 or Windows 8) with a dual core processor with at least 1 GB of RAM is recommended.

Viber is the latest version available, which can be downloaded and installed at no cost, for both desktop and other supported platforms. A version for Linux (Ubuntu) is expected to be released soon.

- Download Viber for Windows

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