Saturday, 29 April 2017

Download TKexe to create 2017 calendars

Download TKexe to create 2017 calendars
TKexe Kalendar is a program that allows you to create calendars for 2017, personalized with your own photos. It has templates that can be selected and add one or two images, as well as modify aspects of it, such as font and colors. Then select the month or period and the calendar is ready to print soon.

The selected images or photos can vary in size from the application, to fit the design. You can also rotate or apply effects to make them more professional.

So that it does not remain in a simple calendar, the application allows to add notes or notes, like appointments, birthdays, etcetera. For some countries already comes with the holidays entered and highlighted.

TKexe is the latest version, updated in December 2014, of this software to design almanacs, available for Windows, in Spanish, and free.

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