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Download TeamViewer 12 free

Download TeamViewer 12 free
TeamViewer is a remote control program that allows you to access and remote control another PC for technical assistance, presentations (several people can access content that is displayed on a remote PC), to print a document on a remote PC, or To perform any other action that requires a remote and secure connection.

The application allows you to share files over a network, quickly (files are compressed before transmission) and secure (data is encrypted). It supports drag and drop to send files from side to side.

To access another machine both must have installed the program, and who connects must know the identifier of the computer to which you want to connect remotely, in addition to the password. It is not necessary for users to have the latest version of the installed product to connect to each other, but it is advisable to update the same.

In a previous version TeamViewer integration was incorporated with a new module called QuickJoin, which allows to organize presentations or meetings online, with the possibility of incorporating videoconference, VoIP, whiteboard and chat. Up to 25 participants are allowed per meeting.

TemViewer allows you to record sessions in AVI video format, which can be useful when organizing meetings or product presentations, or even when you want to supervise an employee who supports customers.

One of the main advantages of this application is the ability to bypass firewalls and proxies, therefore it is not necessary to have the knowledge to solve this type of problems, and it is not necessary to have to disable the firewall or open ports For proper communication with the remote device. The application runs directly and requires no installation, which implies that it is not necessary for the user to have administrator privileges in Windows.

It should be noted that the application has managed to optimize the performance, obtaining faster and stable connections. There are also changes in the design that have a greater simplicity in the use of this tool.

New versions for phones (with support for Android, Windows Phone and iPhone) allow you to control your PC or Mac from your phone and access the desktop, run programs, make settings, and so on; With the convenience of doing it from the mobile device.

There is a complete TeamViewer manual in Spanish, which describes in detail all the functions of this application, and the new functionalities are revealed.

TeamViewer 12 (12.0.75813) is the latest version, updated March 2017. It's free for non-commercial use. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iPhone.

With regard to TeamViewer 11 fixes an installation problem in Windows Server 2008 R2, in addition improves support for Windows 10 and fixes an error that occurred in some cases when trying to transfer files. With respect to the improvements: the transfer speed increases (achieving up to 200 MB/s), the remote control between mobile devices is enabled (until now the application could be used between computers or between a computer and a telephone).

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