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Download Tapin Radio

Download Tapin Radio
Tapin Radio is a program that allows access to online radios, either to listen to live stations, to listen to podcasts or to record. The player supports most formats that use the radios to transmit: MP3, WMA, ogg vorbis, aac+and some more. It allows to record programs of radios and songs in a format different from the one used in the streaming.

Tapin Radio includes an extensive list of radio stations classified by country, age and gender; And has a search engine, in addition to the possibility of adding radios that are not in the database of the application. Allows you to manage favorite radios with the possibility to classify them and easily access them.

It supports Winamp plugins and plugins to add the lyrics of the songs, as is the case of AutoLyrix. Now also has an integrated tool that allows you to access the letters while listening to certain stations.

The availability of the radios listed is very good, mainly because it is possible to report when a station can not be accessed, and the update is fast. It is possible to add new radios that are not found database, and also has a manager of favorites.

In the latest versions have been added new functions, such as a volume normalizer when changing stations, also the possibility to program the time of shutdown of the application and PC.

Tapin Radio 2.03 is the latest version, updated in August 2016, of this free radio tuner. It works on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 (systems of 32 and 64 bits). It is available in Spanish.

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