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Download Subtitle Workshop, subtitle editor

Download Subtitle Workshop, subtitle editor
Subtitle Workshop is a program that allows you to create subtitles for movies, edit, and convert. The text is entered and synchronized with the video so that it appears in the scenes that correspond.

It has several customization options, with the possibility of editing text styles (bold, italic, underline) and colors (in the formats that support it). Supports search and replacement of text, conversion from uppercase to lowercase, automatic elimination of line breaks. It also has a checker to check the spelling of the text, using the correction engine offered by NHunspell.

Subtitle Workshop allows you to apply various actions to correct titles that are incorrect or that are undone. It allows you to move the subtitles backwards or forwards a certain time to adapt them to the opportune moment. It offers other advanced options to correct the times.

Supports various formats that are used to subtitle movies:

Adobe Encore DVD (txt), Advanced SubStation Alpha (ass), AQTitle (aqt), Captions 32 (txt), Captions DAT (dat), Captions DAT Text (dat), Captions Inc. (txt), Cheetah (asc) DTC Subtitle Format (dks), DVD Junior (txt), DVD Subtitle System (txt), DVDSubtitle (sub), FAB Subtitler (txt), IAuthor Script (txt), Inscriber CG (txt) JACOSub 2.7+ (js), Karaoke Lyrics LRC (lrc). Karaoke Lyrics VKT (vkt), KoalaPlayer (txt) Mac DVD Studio Pro (* .txt), MacSUB (scr), MicroDVD (sub), MPlayer (mpl), MPlayer2 (mpl), MPSub (sub), OVR Script Pinnacle Impression (txt), PowerDivX (psb), PowerPixel (txt), QuickTime Text (txt), RealTime (rt), SAMI Captioning (Smi), Sasami Script (s2k), SBT (sbt), Sofni (sub), Softitler RTF (rtf), SonicDVD Creator

This subtitle editor is able to open any of the formats mentioned, then convert them to some other supported formats.

Subtitle Workshop 6.01 is the latest version of this software that is available in several languages, including Spanish. It has support for 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. It's free.

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