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Download StarUML 2.5

Download StarUML 2.5
StarUML is a program that allows to describe software models, using the UML standard. It supports MDA, a tool whose objective is to separate the architecture of the platform or technology that will be used when constructing the model.

Once the application is executed, a new project can already be created. It is available in a menu with the different components (classes, interfaces, packages, etc.) that will be part of the UML diagram, and in another menu (on the right) is the "model explorer". You can easily add classes along with their attributes and methods, define the relationships and shape the model. The same can be a model of "Use Cases", of Implementation, of Design, etc.

In the top menu, in the Model / Profiles option, the profile must be selected, which can be Java, C++, etc. Then define the type of data of each attribute and the types of data it receives and returns each method of the classes created, in addition to their relationships (association, inheritance, aggregation, composition, etc.). Finally you can get the Java code (or the selected profile) generated by StarUML.

Compared to ArgoUML, other software that we have already presented, StarUML supports UML 2.0 while ArgoUML supports up to version 1.4. In addition StarUML is something more intuitive, easy to use and stable; And as a disadvantage it is possible to emphasize that it does not support export of diagrams to the format SVG (yes it supports other formats like JPG or XMI) and that it does not support the PHP programming language.

StarUML 2.5.0 is the latest version for Windows, updated in July 2015, available for free download.

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