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Download Spotify

Download Spotify
Spotify is a program that is used to listen to music via streaming, and to search for songs, artists or albums to listen to instantly, without waiting for the downloads, since to be via streaming happens to be an radio to the letter.

Undoubtedly it is a good option to listen to free music, since you can find almost any topic (even in Spanish) and also does not add extensive commercial batches, but instead you hear an advertisement from time to time.

The service is similar to or, since you can also program the lists of songs that you want to listen to according to a particular musical style. In the interface of the program you can access extra information of the artist that is playing, besides rankings and other information. You can create playlists or access lists that have been created previously.

Through this service it is possible to find playlists for each musical genre, or certain artists, and even now can also locate specific lists for specific moods of the user or are ideal for certain situations, such as listening in a rainy day.

In this new version Spotify allows access to social networks like Facebook, with the ability to share music with friends and send links to favorite songs or playlists.

It is possible to use Spotify to organize the own collection of songs saved in the hard disk, and to listen them from its own player, with the possibility to combine the playlists. It is also possible to import the collection created with iTunes.

Spotify's Latin America service has recently been announced, which was not possible until a while ago, being available only to the United States and European countries. Also, you no longer need to register, because you can now login from the Facebook account.

Spotify is the latest version (updated in August 2016) of this software that can be downloaded free in Spanish for Windows and for Mac. The Open version presents some limitations with respect to the paid versions (Unlimited or Premium ): You can get publicity and you can listen to the songs of an album only in a random way, but there are no limitations on that you can also access millions of songs.

It is also possible to install this application on mobile phones or tablets with Android operating system, also on an iPhone or an iPad. It is necessary to create a user account in Spotify in order to use this service on both desktop and portable devices. The Premium version allows you to download songs and store them on your device, so you can listen to them at any time without 3G or LTE expense.

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