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Download Sony PC Companion

Download Sony PC Companion
Sony PC Companion (formerly PC Suite for Sony Ericsson) is a program that connects the PC to a Sony Ericsson mobile phone, via a USB cable, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth; With the aim of managing the information and file system of the device.

The Companion application maintains some of the PC Suite tools, such as: File Manager, Sync Station, Image Editor, MMS Home Studio and Mobile Networking Wizard; But with several improvements, and includes new tools.

It has a file manager that allows you to exchange and synchronize files (photos, MP3, documents, etc.) between your PC and your phone. Allows you to browse the device memory. It also allows you to install applications on the phone, which were previously downloaded to the PC.

Sync Station allows you to synchronize important information stored on your phone, such as your calendar, contacts list, emails, text messages, calendar and other items.

Image Editor allows you to retouch photos, including basic editing tools, to crop, resize, rotate, modify contrast, modify brightness and make other adjustments.

MMS Home Studio allows you to create MMS (multimedia) messages on your PC, then transfer them to your phone or send it directly to a contact. You can also send SMS from this application.

Mobile NetWorking Wizard allows you to connect the PC to the Internet using the phone as a modem, which will give the user the alternative to work from their PC, more comfortably, in places where there is no internet connection.

In addition to the aforementioned functions, PC Companion is used to update the phone software, to update with updates, updates and corrections applied to the latest firmware. Another extremely useful and necessary function is to perform periodic backups, so as not to lose SMS messages, contacts or data from the agenda to an unforeseen event.

Sony PC Companion 2.10.303 is the latest version of the essential software for users of the popular brand of cell phone, which can be downloaded and installed for free in Windows. It works with the Sony Xperia, but also with older models such as those of the Walkman series. This update was published in October 2015.

The newest models (from Xperia Z3) have a new edition called Xperia Companion , which includes more features and allows you to update Android of the new models of Sony smartphones.

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