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Download Silverlight 5.1

Download Silverlight 5.1
Microsoft Silverlight is a plug-in for Internet browsers that allows you to play videos and animations compatible with this format, similar to Adobe Flash Player.

More and more sites start to publish videos in the Silverlight format, so it will be necessary to download and install this add-on to be able to view those contents. This plug-in is available for various browsers ( Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.) and operating systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux and mobile devices).

Silverlight uses the technology "Smooth Streaming" to be able to visualize streamings that reach great quality and continuity in its transmission.

Multimedia application developers have the tools to create Silverlight-compatible animations, including the creation of three-dimensional (3D) perspective graphics.

Silverlight 5 (5.1.40620.0) is the latest version, updated in July 2015, which includes support for high definition videos and H.264 videos. It also allows you to play videos independently, without having to use the browser to be able to view downloaded contents, or to be connected.

This software can be downloaded free of charge.

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