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Download RegCleaner 7.3.6 free

Download RegCleaner 7.3.6 free
RegCleaner is a program which lets you optimize your Windows registry It is a program which allows you to optimize your Windows registry by deleting entries that are obsolete, helping to speed up the operating system.

This tool allows you to see a list with installed programs, and with those that were uninstalled and kept entries in the registry that can be deleted.

It has the advantage that it automatically performs a backup of the registry, something that is important to realize before applying the changes, since before a failure in the system or in some program can be easily restored to the previous state without failure.

In this new version are added new tools, which in addition to cleaning the registry, are responsible for cleaning the hard drive and cleaning the browsers (temporary, cookies, history, etc.) to leave no trace of navigation. In addition, a report can be generated with the hardware characteristics of the system.

There is a menu organized in tabs, which contains the four main tools that this application offers: "Quick Optimizer", "Windows Cleaner", "System Information" and "Restore Backup". TweakNow RegCleaner started out as a tool to optimize the registry, but it currently serves to optimize various aspects of the operating system and other applications (in addition to web browsers). It has been transformed into a system cleaning software, with similarities to CCleaner or TuneUP, other programs that are also a great help to keep Windows more agile and stable.

TweakNow RegCleaner 7.3.6 is the latest version (updated in August 2015) of this software that can be downloaded for free . Works with Windows 10, 8.18, 7, Vista and XP.

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