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Download RapidTyping 5.2 free

Download RapidTyping 5.2 free
RapidTyping is a program to learn typing faster when using the keyboard. The advantage of this program is that it manages to teach in a fun way, either with exercises for adults or with lessons specially designed for children to learn typing.

The course consists of a set of lessons in which progress is made through exercises; You learn to place your hands correctly on the keyboard, and to press each key with a specific finger. There are 3 levels of difficulty: Beginner, advanced and expert.

Many of the exercises consist of games, which make classes more enjoyable. This latest version adds new exercises. The user can customize the program through an editor that allows you to select the types of lessons and games to suit your preferences.

It has statistics showing the progress achieved, for example, the number of words typed per minute, the score of the exercises, the mistakes made, and so on. The program supports multiple users, and separate statistics are saved for each.

RapidTyping 5.2 is the latest version (August 2016) of this software that can be downloaded for free. It is available in several languages, including Spanish ; And works with Windows 10, 8 and 7 (including 64-bit versions), Vista, 2008, 2003, XP and 2000.

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