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Download RAE Dictionary

Download RAE Dictionary

Dictionary RAE is a program that allows access to information on the website of the Royal Spanish Academy, with the possibility to search definitions in your dictionary, comfortably, without having to enter the page and without using browsers, but through the interface Of this program.

In addition it has a menu of translation of text to several languages ​​and also the possibility to make consultations to the encyclopedia Wikipedia and in other sources of interest.

The interface is not very neat, but it has a system of tabs that allows several simultaneous searches. Not only does it work as a translator, but other content can also be accessed, for example: playing videos within a browser.

The application is ideal to have on hand definitions of words or expressions, but also to learn how to conjugate verbs and learn grammar rules.

Dictionary RAE is the latest version of this free software. Works with Windows. Depending on the operating system you must run "Install For Xp-Vista.Bat" or "Install For Win98-Me.Bat", files that are in the .zip to download.

The edition for Windows has not been updated in recent years, but recently editions of the RAE dictionary for Android and iOS have been released , which allows the phone to have definitions and other functions offered by the Royal Academy in this version to mobile devices.

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