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Download PriMus-DCF

Download PriMus-DCF
PriMus-DCF is a program for engineers, builders and architects, which allows you to create budgets and measurements applied to works and constructions. The tool presents a user-friendly interface, with a table of prices, catalogs and budgets, allowing you to easily insert and modify data.

It is possible to create a budget from the measurements extracted from AutoCAD, and it is compatible with the format BC3 (Standard Exchange Format for Building Databases FIEBDC-3), being able to convert it to the format DCF that uses this application.

PriMus serves all types of construction, from refurbishment to major construction, allowing you to control the expenses of each item used (concrete, sand, lime, rods, tiles, etc.) in a very intuitive way.

PriMus-DCF belongs to ACCA Software, a leading Italian company in the production of software for construction for 20 years, which releases this software by offering it for free download .

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