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Download Pixia free

Download Pixia free

Pixia is a graphic editing program specializing in drawing. It has a set of tools to create and retouch photos, images and drawings.

Like other professional software, Pixia supports layers, filters, masks, brushes, transparencies, and other elements, with the advantage that it is a free product, but with which you can create images, logos, banners, drawings, And other graphic designs of excellent quality. Another advantage of this editor is its ease of use, being ideal for beginners to start working with these types of tools, without the complications of Photoshop, but with many more possibilities than Paint. One disadvantage of Pixia is that it is not available in Spanish.

The application has a new tool called PartsBox that saves intermediate copies of the work done, which can be accessed even after closing the application or a failure that causes the PC to shut down.

There are communities that include Pixia tutorials and resources such as filters, brushes and other examples to apply, either to draw to draw, to understand how layers are used, etc. These sites have forums where you can consult comments and concerns of users of this application.

Pixia 6.03 is the latest version, updated in November 2016, of this powerful graphic editor that you can download free of charge. Works with all versions of Windows (including 10 32 and 64 bit).

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