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Download PhotoFiltre 7.2.1

Download PhotoFiltre 7.2.1
PhotoFiltre is a complete program of image editing, that allows to apply diverse functions and filters to the images; Which also has a layer manager, brushes, red-eye corrector, batch processes and many more tools, making this software an attractive free variant of professional programs, as is the case of the known Photoshop.

Among the effects that can be applied to retouch the photos we highlight: brightness, counting, saturation and gamma corrector, while among the artistic effects we highlight: pastels, Chinese ink, puzzle effect and pointillism.

Photo Filtre uses two types of vectors: one of them consists of regular figures like circles, square and rectangles; While the other consisting of polygons and a loop (of free path).

With regard to brushes has various formats, circular or square in various sizes, but also with more irregular shapes.

Like other graphic editors, PhotoFiltre is handled with layers. The layers can separate and work independently with different components of an image, with the advantage that you can change a part of the picture and apply changes without the rest of the layers is altered.

The toolbar is composed of several drawing tools, such as the pipette, the fill bucket, the brush, the spray, and the magic wand (to select a defined sector), among others.

With PhotoMasque it is possible to apply advanced effects to give transparency to the images by means of masks . The tool comes with several masks to choose from. To know how to use this and other tools some tutorials are available on the official site of Photo Filtre.

PhotoFiltre 7.2.1 is the latest version (updated in July 2015) of this software, highly recommended for designers and also for users not so advanced who want to retouch or add effects to the images as it is easy to use. This version is portable (no installation required) and is free.

In order to have PhotoFiltre in Spanish it is necessary to download the file with the translations, and copy it into the installation folder of the application.

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